1. Truffles reflection, 2013

    Truffles reflection, 2013

  2. Squirrel friends, May 2014.
    Rooster Rock, OR

  3. B&W storms, tumbleweeds, a demanding dog and else. Eastern OR, 2014

  4. The Alvord Desert pictured above could fit approx. 3 Manhattans inside it, it’s about 75 sq/miles, while Manhattan comes in at roughly 25/sq miles.  Getting any sense of scale while you’re there is tough.  Just how large the area is sunk in for me when I realized you can drive with your eyes closed for minutes and not be afraid of hitting anything.

    Alvord Desert in Eastern OR, May 2014

  5. Trailer cabin birthday whiskey ladle shots!

    Frenchglen, OR, May 2014

  6. Road trip tour of Easter Oregon, May 2014.

    The Steens, Alvord Desert, Alvord Hot Springs, the Badlands, and a quick stop at Smith Rock.

  7. Funny nature puzzle pieces, 2012

    Funny nature puzzle pieces, 2012

  8. I can’t come up with larger ‘slap to the face’ of the polar bear, than stuffing one and using it at an Shell gas station as an Espresso advertisement.

    Shell Polar Bear, 2009 (from the archives)

  9. LIFE cigarette hands, 2013

    LIFE cigarette hands, 2013

  10. Scan of Forest Stuff, 2013

    Scan of Forest Stuff, 2013